At SPEAQ, we believe our customers should be in total control of their conference calls, and so to make sure your conference call goes smoothly and is as effective as possible, we’ve a series of function keys you can use at any time during the call. Most of these in-call function keys can only be used by the chairperson of the teleconference, with just the mute function available to all callers. Be sure to let all participants know about the mute function, and encourage them to use it when they’re not speaking on call – otherwise you might hear them breathing, typing or even eating while the call is in progress! And be sure to also tell them to avoid using the mute function on their device, in case it plays a hold tone. Always use the mute function key.

Function Keys
key function chairperson participants
# 1
Number of participants.
You hear how many participants are taking part in a call.
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# 2
Names of participants.
You hear the names of the participants.
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# 3
Open/restrict conference call for new participants.
If you restrict the call, new callers will not be admitted.
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# 5
Switch the microphones of all the other participants on and off.
Useful for presentations, only the chairperson can speak.
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# 6
Switch your microphone on and off
Prevent unnecessary noise in the conference call by switching your microphone off temporarily.
DO NOT use the standard mute function on your device, many devices then play holding music or a tone.
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# 9
Start/stop recording
Your conference call will be recorded and sent by e-mail afterwards.
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