Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We aim to make our service both comprehensive and simple to use, offering everything you need from a conference call provider and with the minimum of fuss.
While we’re confident that we tick all the boxes, we do realise there may be some questions you still have. So check the list of FAQs below, and if you still need answers, drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

SPEAQ conference call FAQs
  • question_answer How do I get my access codes?
    Once you have registered, you will receive two six digit access codes, one code for you (the organiser) and one for the participants.
  • question_answer What is the maximum number of participants per conference call?
    You can comfortably invite 250 participants to your conference call. If you want to invite more, get in touch with us via
  • question_answer What is the maximum duration of a conference call?
    There are no limits. You can go on with the call for as long as you and the participants want.
  • question_answer What is the dial-in number the participants have to call if there isn’t a number for their country?
    If we can’t offer a dial-in number for a particular country, the participant can call +443301596644. All other international participants just call the dial-in number that we offer for their country.
  • question_answer Do I have to call first if I’m the organiser?
    No, the participants can call before you, but the conference call itself will only start once the organiser has called.
  • question_answer Do the participants hear something when a participant joins or leaves the conference call?
    Yes, as soon as a participant joins the conference call, the other participants hear a signal and the name of the participant. A signal is also sounded when a participant leaves.
  • question_answer Can I record my conference call?
    Yes, with you can record your conference call free of charge! Press # 9 during the conference call to start recording. To stop the recording, just press # 9 again. 

    lightbulb_outline Please note: this function is only available to the chairperson.  More information about function keys
  • question_answer How do I listen to the recording of my conference call?
    A few minutes after the conference call that you have recorded has ended, an e-mail will be sent to you with a link with which you can download the recording as an MP3 file. We only send this e-mail to the chairperson. 

    lightbulb_outline Please note: the MP3 file that the link leads to will be deleted after seven days, so make sure that you have downloaded and saved it.
  • question_answer How secure are my recordings?
    Your recording will be downloaded via a secure HTTPS/SSL connection. Our servers are also physically situated in Europe. Furthermore, the recordings are deleted from our servers after seven days. Only the chairperson receives the link to download the recording.
    If you wish to distribute the recording amongst the participants, we advise you to download the file first and then distribute it yourself.
  • question_answer What can I do if one of the participants calls from somewhere noisy?
    Ask the participant to find somewhere quieter. If that is not possible, ask the participant to press # 6 to switch the microphone off temporarily. To speak, the participant just has to press # 6 again.

    lightbulb_outline More information about function keys  
  • question_answer What can I do if there is an echo during the conference call?
    This is usually caused by a participant who has his or her telephone on speaker or 'hands-free'. Often, another reason is that a participant calls from their car with, for example, a Bluetooth 'hands-free kit'. If the speaker is on too loud, the microphone picks it up and sends it back to the conference call.  Ask the participant to take the telephone off speaker or to turn it down. If that is not possible, ask the participant to press # 6 to switch the microphone off temporarily. To speak, the participant just has to press # 6 again. 

    lightbulb_outline Tip: If a conference telephone (e.g. Polycom) is being used in the room, ask the participant to use the receiver temporarily to speak.
    lightbulb_outline More information about function keys
    warning You must always observe the rules for using the telephone (hands-free) whilst driving, of course.
  • question_answer How is a conference call ended?
    As soon as the last participant has disconnected, the call has ended. You don't need to do anything else!
  • question_answer How am I billed?
    At the end of the month you’'ll receive a detailed invoice.
  • question_answer Can I record a personal welcome message?